Creating A Global Brand Via Elite Domain Names

big-businessA fundamental component of successful branding is the ability to distinguish one’s business by standing out among a field of competitors. Companies well known within their industry employ specific strategies to effectively brand their products/services and to promote that brand throughout the global community.

Two keys concepts in branding are differentiation and positioning. Differentiation is accomplished by helping customers to see your company as an industry leader in its space and as a business with a unique, yet familiar identity. Positioning is about increasing worldwide brand recognition through persistent marketing.

In the internet age, a company’s web address defines them and is a profound part of that company’s brand & global identity. In the 1990’s when .com was the most viable option available, companies like and knew what they needed in order to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Marketing logic dictated that they brand themselves using generic, category-defining keywords like hotels and advertising. Basing their internet web address on these familiar industry words elevated their credibility. The results were immediately tangible as each company imprinted their industry specialty, hotels and advertising, in the minds of global consumers.

Today, we now have .business … which is the next step in the evolution of the global brand for “business”. As growth-oriented companies adopt their .business web address, consumers will intuitively make the connection between a company’s web address and what they do as a company. This is synergistic branding power.

Differentiating one’s company as a leader in their field generates new business that did not previously exist. An industry-defining domain name functions as a 24/7 marketing force and brand builder for the company that owns it. It reinforces a clear & consistent message to global customers that you are positioned as the leader in your industry., built upon a superb website address, carried an undeniable cachet which greatly expanded their reach and customer base. .business brings similar status and powerful messaging across the global playing field of business.

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