Domain Names As Brands

Can A Domain Name Become A Brand?

pos8bYes, the domain name you choose becomes a chief component of your company’s image and overall brand power. Brands are actually crafted and brought into public awareness through a series of carefully designed steps. Prior to the birth of the internet, company brands had to grow on store shelves, in the limited shelf life pages of magazines, in costly TV commercials, or anywhere a picture, song, or tagline could be heavily promoted to consumers.

With the birth of the internet medium came an incredible evolution in “global access” – 24/7 access, forever, worldwide. What an opportunity! Nothing like this had ever existed. A company brand was no longer just a heavily promoted logo. A company’s brand became a function of their global internet identity. As increasingly more people & businesses flocked to the internet, it became strategically important for companies to possess a remarkable internet web address that acted as a logical access portal to their company headquarters, divisions, personnel, products & services.

An elite internet address provides companies with instant branding cachet and industry recognition. This is the result of consumers’ powerful association of credibility & status with the words contained in a company’s internet address. Owning an industry-defining web address builds a company’s brand as the leader in their field. A descriptive internet address also clarifies a company’s primary business focus – thus reinforcing their message and their image in the minds of customers around the world.

Many businesses have attested to the fact that doors opened for them once they acquired an elite web address. A reason this occurs is due to the perception of legitimacy & quality that having an industry-leading web address automatically conveys. Some companies use their internet address as their primary brand and company name, while other companies use their elite web address as a highly memorable destination to attract worldwide clientele and attention.

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