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business-graphic2.Business Moving The Future Forward


For 20 years, business was represented across the world wide web by a hodgepodge of internet domain names. While .com was a familiar option, .net, .org, .biz and a variety of other domains also existed on the internet landscape and were used by companies to represent their online identity.

Fast forward to December of 2014. On this date, .business was approved and released by ICANN (the regulatory body that oversees the internet domain name system).

“Business” was never fully represented by the old web addresses like .com although business was clearly the primary driver of internet growth and international commerce. .biz was released in 2002 and was recognized by some internet users as a slang alternative for “business”. It was a step forward, but just not enough for wide scale adoption as the default choice for “business”.

Today, .business has been born and the internet will continue to evolve right along with it. Ultimately, there is no substitute for .business. “Business” is universally understood, perpetually relevant, and exploding in every corner of the globe. It is also at the very core of the internet’s purpose & functionality.

With the recent release by ICANN of full words as top level domains, there is no longer a need to resort to off color abbreviations like .com or .org in showcasing one’s business to the global community.

.business = business. It took a long time, but it was worth the wait!

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