dotcom to dotbusiness

dotcom-to-dotbusiness-3dotcom to .business


As a top level domain, .com served the internet well for a number of years as did its companions .net and .org. However, .com was not the clear choice for “business”. It was simply available, and was used for almost any purpose imaginable. Users might find a hobby site on a .com, a personal blog, a church website, a corporate portal, kids games, or a civic group. dotcom really stood for nothing other than to confirm “we’re on the internet” in the early days.

We are now in a new era of complete words being used as website addresses. This is intended to add new clarity to the internet so that web addresses actually mean something to internet users and represent something about the companies who adopt them.

.Business stands alone as the definitive term for worldwide business. “Business” is inherently international, understood in multiple languages, and has been regarded since the dawn of the internet as the top tier category under which everything else must fall. So in this respect, .business has no equal throughout the world.

Over the last 15+ years, many companies had to settle for a .com or .net web address that contained hyphens, multiple words, or awkward abbreviations. This made it difficult for users to remember a company’s web address, and projected a somewhat inferior corporate image that failed to live up to a company’s status or brand integrity.

For companies that actually provide a world class business product or service, .business has finally arrived.

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