Generic Keywords As Elite Brands and Web Addresses

Generic Keywords As Elite Brands and Web Addresses

pot-gold-300x300From the very beginning, generic keywords have been the most coveted of internet assets. Often referred to as premium domains, they are the elite online destinations that command a premium price due to their perfect clarity, descriptiveness, and singularity.

Elite web addresses are their own world class marketing vehicle and consequently define a company as the leader in their particular business space. .business is the ultimate domain name enhancement for major corporations. Paired with a high quality keyword, .business has no equal.

The world’s leading businesses have made significant investments in acquiring generic brands that symbolized their role as an industry leader. This is compelling evidence of their intrinsic value. A high quality generic internet address is a permanent statement of business excellence.

Any entity may acquire & utilize a premium generic domain name. Generics are distinctly different from protected trademark names and provide incomparable asset value and marketing advantages for those businesses that employ them.


.business premium brands

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