Shifting To New Domain Names

business-energy-newsIn the past year 2015-2016, several million new domain names were registered throughout the world and put into use by actual companies aiming to make their mark in the global economy. Domains such as .MIAMI and .news gained instant traction because of an undeniable, built-in appeal based on their clarity, descriptiveness, and instant familiarity.

While addresses like .MIAMI and .news have specific relevance, they are also broadly popular and internationally well-recognized. Nothing speaks “Miami” like .MIAMI, and .news is unto a class in itself being one of the most perfectly descriptive generic keywords imaginable.

The ‘right of the dot” phenomenon is succeeding in enhancing company brand integrity while simultaneously providing an improved internet destination for prospective clients across the globe. Presently, there are a handful of leading registries who offer multiple new tld choices. They are Donuts Inc, Rightside, Minds + Machines, and Famous Four Media.

Menius Enterprises are brokering many of the most elite, premium domain names available in these top new addresses. Examples include:,,,,,, and among many others.

New domain name adoption is being driven by numerous countries and corporate entities throughout the world. The “new internet” is emerging as the world transitions to improved new web addresses. .com will remain a valuable and familiar namespace due to its longevity on the web. However, it is now forced to share the limelight with a host of other high quality addresses that will achieve their own prominence and status in the years ahead.

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