Worldwide Advertising Spend 2014

max-meniusPer eMarketer analysis, global ad spending will exceed $545 billion for 2014. As the world’s advertising leader, the United States will account for approximately one third of this with $180 billion in advertising spending across multiple markets. This is a 5.7% increase in spending over the preceding year.

Digital advertising is identified as the greatest channel of growth with marketers continuing to shift their focus to various digital devices, tablets, and smartphones in order to reach this expanding audience.

As companies evolve to elevate their global reach, smart branding efforts and a compelling internet presence will become the new standard of excellence in effective marketing. Business reach and hi level corporate branding have become necessarily intertwined. This is a logical and natural progression with once regionally-focused businesses now being forced to market themselves globally, to capture and hold market share, in order to survive & thrive among industry peers who are simultaneously vying for that elusive competitive advantage. Businesses should be as clear as possible in describing exactly what they do and how they excel in meeting customers’ needs.

Consumers’ perceptions of business credibility are shaped through a company’s use of deliberate strategies, including their strategic web presence, to deliver their message and to satisfy their customers’ expectations. A company’s web address is often a primary force in representing who they are and where they are going.

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